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Why is Roadside Assistance Important?

Having your car break down in the middle of the road can be not only frustrating but dangerous as well. Firstly, only a handful of people know how to change a tyre. Even fewer people would know what to do when the engine starts making unusual noises. Also, who would you call if you got locked out of your car? All of these situations point to the fact that you need roadside coverage to bail you out of these common driving problems. Roadside assistance is an add-on service to your car insurance that can help you by saving a lot of time, energy and money.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is a cost-effective way to get mechanical help for problems you might face on the road. Don't think of this coverage as an added cost, but look at it as an investment that will save you money in the long run. Your roadside coverage will depend on the assistance package you choose, but generally, it will support you with the following issues.

When You Need a Jump Start Service

Dead batteries are a general annoyance and can occur at any time. Whether you run out of juice or need an entirely new battery, you'll be thankful for your roadside coverage. A service technician will help you by either jumpstarting the dead battery or completely replacing it.

When You Run Out of Fuel

No matter how well you think you know your car, it can still surprise you. If your vehicle is running low on fuel while driving, it's best to coordinate with your coverage insurer. They will send a technician to your location to refill your vehicle enough to get you to the nearest petrol station. Roadside assistance will either give you a nominated dollar amount of fuel or provide a certain amount for free.

Roadside Assistance

When You're Locked Out Of Your Car

Keys have an annoying habit of becoming locked inside the things they are supposed to open. Whenever you lose your key, it's stolen or you find yourself locked out of your car, roadside assistance can help you unlock your vehicle.

When Your Car Breaks Down and Needs Towing

More often than not, car breakdowns can require significant repairs. If your car breaks down and can't start due to mechanical failure, your insurer will dispatch a tow truck to bring your vehicle to a nearby repair shop. Roadside assistance can organise towing for several serious issues, such as significant collisions, electrical failure, property damage etc.

When You Need Flat Tyre Assistance

Has a punctured tyre immobilised you? Thanks to roadside assistance, a professional will arrive at your location to change the flat tyre. Service providers will generally replace the tyre with the spare in your car, so make sure you have a spare tyre available.

Woman with flat tyre

Make sure to get a coverage plan that includes trip-planning tools and assistance, warranties for repair services and discounts on car repairs. Also, before you put down your money, make sure to read the fine print – because if your provider can't respond to a specific type of emergency, that'll be a significant loss to your wallet.

These days we don't expect our cars to break down, but that doesn't mean they won't. You should always make it a point to seek the best roadside assistance for your vehicle. Being stranded on the side of a busy highway or late at night can be scary and stressful. By having roadside assistance, drivers will have a number they can quickly call for help. Roadside assistance programs negotiate prices with their service providers and pass on the savings to their members, which can help you save money.